friday 13/02/2009

Looking for Kenny, i will buy it around 12k, give me a price please.

Buying cheap montana cards!

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Close pls

Any more offers, I'll buy right away

1 Borss for 138 pls

Myke 170
leo 330
at max lv
pm me

Close. it is going no where

That's why, like I said, Im seeing if there is a charitable person out there who has one of them.

I might change to 12k, but I'm afk now so just PM any time I will answer in about 4 hours smiley

Sold. Moderators please close smiley Thanks!

Please close this.. will wait for other offers

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Who the heck keeps bumping up all these seriously old posts? -_-

I suggest a close here, Moderators.

CHREESTMAS smiley smiley When is the last time you've been to opera or ballet?

P sale it to me, I'll buy

Oxen for hattori?

Hhhhmmmmmm....hw much? and must below than 1600 clintz i buy

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Note, banval cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Im selling chad bread Cr for market price
pm me if interested
plz make prices reasonable

Moderator Please Close, Thank you.

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