wednesday 18/03/2009

Not max lvl. Looking for about 540c Just message me if ya want it.

tuesday 17/03/2009

Sold for 9500. close please.

Close pls...smiley

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Close please.

No one buys him .smiley Close the Subject please smiley .

I have a vansaar full level-950 clintz

Better try 4*

get much more money and 20 exp from eachcardsmiley

Anybody who sells a very very cheap Vladimir? I'm really broke, hope those who don't really need one will sell it for a lower price. Thanks

Pbbht.. xp
walang bibigay sau nyan..

Pfulls for copper, dacote, or naginata..
pm me for offers..
- xoxo

tnx mod.. n.n smiley


i´am searching for this 2 cards. I offer for Melissa Cr 200.000 clintz and for Sigmund Cr 250.000 clintz. If you are interested please write me a pm

Thanks Guys

400 and I take him this very moment.

Buying gaia for about 1500c - 2000c

can go to 2100 but only got 1700c

need to earn

Ill give u some combinations :
leviatonn + vermyn n
leviatonn bloodh
hikiyousan + kiki + ratanah (cheapest option)
hikiyousan + wee lee
dorian + bloodh
hawkins + juicy lord
blaster + juciy lord + graff
xu52 + leviatonn

see u can pm me such options !
although cards combine worth must be atleast 15.5k smiley

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