sunday 15/03/2009

Note, Ristuccia cannot STILL sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

How much dorian?
can it be below 200

Ill buy them send to my private sales

Subject is closed they my vickie cr and i was scammed by sub14-evo founder of urban legend

Got more... please check my profile

How much for one

As i said, im selling eklore for 36k 5*

Trading kenny (0exp) for
wee lee + hikiyousan + nanook

Trade will be under mod control !

hot 50 messages

I will give:


for tanaereva please

Anybody who can trade me Steve and aurora will be very good please do

Whats a pfulls

Isnt he only 8500 right now?

No one is ganna pay for lino borsa, just put it up for public sale and hope for the best

Looking to buy Vickie Cr for between 100-110k

Sigmund was sold. Please close the subject.

Close please!

Sold, close this thread please

NVm mod could close this down

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