monday 09/02/2009

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Closing the theme smiley

I'm looking for:

0xp SCOTTY for 1,000 clintz


0xp BRAGH for 2,000 clintz

just pm me.

thanks. smiley

Please close this subject

I have elya cr
i want kerozinn cr and jim cr
i give my elya cr and 8k for kerozinn cr and jim cr.whait answer here or pm

2300/each now

I'm looking for glorg for 3500 clintz

level doesn't matter

tx bye!!!

I have a gabrielle in ulu watu right just pm me or just leave me a message.private sell i want.

Close please he already has a subject of this

U should talk to a moderator about that

Everything is sold. please lock

I want to buy tanearva i was going to wait until price dropped but thought id give this a try im offering 37k if you want more please pm me

How much for your splata?

Yeah McV is being generous as I have seen the price much highersmiley

Do you have any doubles I can trade for

Willing to pay 3.8k

Paying Clintz only, 22-23k, private sell / pm me.

Im selling vassili for 650 or 700 1st one to buy gets it for 600

sunday 08/02/2009

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I now have 820 please someone please i dont want to sound like a begger but im begging

Ill trade timmy for no na, maybe uxoh

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