friday 26/03/2010

The American People
Join us! We are level 20+, very active and funny. We have events that you can join and their loads of fun. Consider the offer my friend.smiley

thursday 25/03/2010

We are getting better!!

Join us and help us on getting the way to the top!

The Unforgiven is recruting all lvl 20+ and we currently have 1 admin spot available.
Think you have what it takes? apply now at the guild page.

wednesday 24/03/2010

tuesday 23/03/2010

Join us for the many DIFFERENT types of events we run:
From simple lottos
to mafias
to 20 questions
and many more....

This is in the wrong thread, i think you need to post this in strategy and tactics don't you? and on topic, the guys have covered everything, i don't have anything better to say

You would be made most welcome in the war party guild we welcome all english speaking players of any level. Not only do you have the oppertunity to learn new things from players within our guild but we also have friends in other guilds who we trade tactics and information with to help give a much better experience within the game.

War Party

monday 22/03/2010

I don't know if there are smaller guilds that pop their heads in here once in a while, but thought I'd try it out.

I am not looking to join a guild that mass recruits. I'd rather be part of a guild of a few active guys that help each other out and get to know one another.

I'm very active, I play any clan, and any type of play, although I pretty much stay out of type 2.

Check out my profile, and if you are interested, message me. I would also like to ask for the bigger guilds to no contact me to persuade me why I should join their band of 60+ members, I will not join a bigger guild, no matter how good it is.


Wrong forum maybe?

Try my guild, the Knights of Rivalry. New guild and will make you an admin as long as you are active.

sunday 21/03/2010

JOIn! now! smiley

Please Join Us smiley

saturday 20/03/2010

Didn't you already double post?

Hey Guys Have a new Guild and players of all abilities are welcome to join. We just ask that you love to have fun/love great dance music. All our memebers need to follow Urban Rival Rules and be a pleasent part of the community. If this is you we would love you to join!

Click Here and apply! -

Kind Regards

DJ Ricky D

friday 19/03/2010

GL with your collection , nice clan picks btw smiley

and welcome to UR smiley

thursday 18/03/2010

Hi, all.
I've been looking for a game like this since Headbone stopped the Camp Champ days.
I'd love a casual guild/clan, but am looking to possibly play this a little more hardcore-like.

If there are any hints/tips or even freebies that you are willing to give, it's all appreciated. I don't have access to a means to buy cards right now, but know that anything given will be remembered.

Thanks a ton.

Sanity has stopped recruiting now,
we are going in hiding far far away,

Possibly further in the year when we are at our peak of madness & sanity,
we will come back to clint city and claim new blood!!

Untill then,
Have a good day and thanks,


(Close Please)

Our Guild is dedicated to giving everyone a fair chance and using strategies in our battles. We will accept any level user who speaks english as one of their languages. We have our own website where you can win cards or just hang out. If you are just in it for having fun then this is a good place for you. We hope to see all of you in our guild which can be found at

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