sunday 03/12/2017

350k or trade for serafina any xp

Hi my friends,

I´m searching for Pedro 0xp.
I would buy 50 Pedro pour 14-15k/t

VP. Merci smiley

Ola, Salut, Hallo, Hello all together,

I´m searching for Gonzo 0xp.
I would buy 50 Gonzo
pour 15k/t

VP. Merci

saturday 02/12/2017

Btw to all the people who were/are sending me common and uncommon cards, ty so much every bit helps, feels like Christmas already smiley

Be quick, dont waste this oportunity smileysmiley

Additional I will add that the creator of the auction had stated he values the card according to the lowest on the market. Thus level of the card not coming into reference therefore all the levels of the cards is valued at the same, lowest of the market.

I hope you will all learn from this experience and prevent it in future by providing clearer rules.smiley

edited by Infiniti saturday 02/12/2017, 22:00

Impera sloane, any xp 140-155k,
Drakora CR, any XP 140-160k
Rex Sweig, any XP 110-120k

True, if you never try (in this case simply asking) yea-

You never know smiley true dat buddy

Can a mod change my title to [SELL] Cards
Thank you sorry made a mistake

I have one whats the offer??

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Verkaufe oder Tausche die folgenden Karten:

A Award Cr 0xp (800k)
Tessa Cr full xp (2.6m)
#Kerozinn Cr 0xp (2.2m)

Ich suche neben Cash folgende Karten:
Shakra (205k-0xp) Max 5 Stück
#Marshal (550k-0xp) Max 5 Stück
Serafina (400k-0xp) Max 6 Stück
NDololo Cr (2.8m)

Preise verhandelbar, je nach Angebot smiley
Ich bin auch offen für andere Angeboten mit Cr's... Nichts spezielles smiley

Have a nice and blessed day smiley

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