friday 23/01/2009

I need Kerry for something cheaper than market price (around 7k)

Maxed. lol mengky.

I can offer you 2 0XP Marco and 370k

LouletEvo wants just cash

Ive got some cards to sell



I want to trade my lin xia, leviaton, alec, and steve for lamar. Im not trying to sound like a noob cause im not sure if this is a good deal, but if you think it is then PM me.

Ok kaneholt if you need to keep the cards im asking for then there is no point in negotiating right? coz id ask for a fair trade and youd ask for slightly in your favour

now if theres cards you need then we can both get fair deals out of it without being petty and trying to squeeze the last 100 clintz out of the trade.

so which is it you need? the cards im offering or the the cards you have but will only let go at a big gain. if its the former then pm me and we can negotiate.... if its the latter then thanks for offering but ill pass.


thursday 22/01/2009

Note, stone55 cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits)

Close Please. Thank You smiley

Just level hard to get perfect 0 exp cards at level 3

Sorry mods. I bought Ratannah on the market and decided I don't need Kiki. Please close.

Im buying ghiest cards as low as 2000xtz

Lol no deal

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