saturday 21/02/2009

I have buck coraille gyro ice jim kirk mac hen willy.will trade for piranas,i need bloodh for one.

Close this, plese. I already bought the cards,

I'm willing to buy for that price

Buying Vicki CR for 90k clintz...
Sent the card if you are selling

Close this smiley My Vickie Got Bought Immediatly smiley

I have a William (3500), a Scotty (2000) and 2 Psylos (1100 each)


Close plz already sold

Sold all close please

I Accepte tour Trade smiley

Selling rubie for 3500 clintz

A kolos pm me if interested

Send me a message if you want to buy a jessie

I no longer need
kenny or charlie wee lee is gone and so is hel

He bought credits then got packs and sold the cards in the packs. he did that several times till he got 45k

I'm buying any rescue card cheap. put any in my private sales

Close please

Doesnt matter i got him now

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