monday 02/02/2009

I bought everything Except the CR's Now..

Seldnor Cr (Cr) (Cr) 19,000
Diyo Cr (Cr) (Cr) 19,500
Chad Bread Cr (Cr) (Cr) 19,500
Cassio Cr (Cr) (Cr) 20,000
Geuner Cr (Cr) (Cr) 20,300
Page Cr (Cr) (Cr) 22,000
Swidz Cr (Cr) (Cr) 23,000

Can someone close this
it is going no where


C'mon If Prices Not Good Tell Other Prices.Hope we can sort things out :]smiley

Close please

Mods please close

Close!!i have sell her!!

I'll buy them both for 16k. Let me know if that works for you.

Close please smiley

Kenny plus 3k pm

Lol, I hope you took one of those offers above what you were asking.

Morphun would be nice, but I doubt he has it.

Maroussi offered 1.1k over your asking.

I'll take her for 14.4k as you were asking smiley

I've got some of them.

PM me.

For less than 3k or less than 2k

And Cassio Cr is almost 27k.

That's not a bad deal.

If I had 11 Jessie's, I'd talk to you about it.

Unfortunately, I don't.

I'll trade Jessie for Bryan

Im looking to buy vickie cr for 73000 and 2 zatman...
totaly is 90000

Close this subject please

Coby is not for sale anymore remeber pm me for offers or just put it here i will check this every 2 minutes

Close this please?

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