saturday 21/02/2009

Please Close
Sorry found another card

Buying wee lee 8k just put in private sale and ill buy i can also negotiate by pming me

Hi everyone!

I'm buying Ongh , Greow and Scotty under market price.

Post here with offers or PM me for faster responce!

Nvm mods please close this subject

Buying sheitane 3,330 clintz. pm me for faster responce

Made mistake,close please

Hoping to either sell or trade the following for some low-star Gheist or Jungo if possible. Prices are what I saw in the market at time of post. If interested I'll respond to PM's faster than anything else.

Carlos 3-star (C) = 350
Rebecca 2-star (C) = 240
Robin 2-star (C) = 200
Zdrone 4-star (U) = 780

La Junta
Leo 3-star (C) = 310
Mitch 3-star (C) = 300
Myke 3-star (C) = 190

They aren't particularly good cards, but I'd be willing to trade more than one for a card. So PM me if your interested.

I,ll give you odile,radek and boohma

I would like to buy a Tanaevera full for 48k put in private trades i and i will buy

Buyihn hugo for 850

I have Hikiyousan (U),Wee Lee (U),Gaia (R),Joao (R),Rass (R),Buck (R),Coraille (C),Ice Jim (C),Kirk (C), and Nanook (U),Mac Hen (C),all full level except Mac Hen (C).i already have dahlia and andsome.,looking for all

Im selling don

Buy the lot for 3750

Tula's 519 in market

Im buying
sharon =375
prince jr. = 675

also hugo = 850

Note, Roranoa cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits

Nvr mind mods close

friday 20/02/2009

Can someone sell me don for lets say...1300 max?

Do u have either zerodea or toro ill trade u her 4 them

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