sunday 01/02/2009

300 clints n 10 creditz 4 linda..?

Looking for NDololo Cr any XP. I'm looking to pay aroung 650 000 clintz.

Close please

Noon Stevens Are 190 For A 3*

Hel ls Approx. About the range of 13-1500
Azel ls Approx. About the range of 19-2300
Shietane ls Approx. About the range of 29-3500

Got the deal. close please

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Close Please

Yes it's ok

Anita -2k

I offer 1350 for 10 me for offert

Close plz
ty all vm

Buying 10x flesh pimp for 350 clintz each

Can i buy it for less im the only one u got

Selling Nistarok for 3.9k(Not Sure) or 4k(Very Sure)

Im Trading it for Fang pi Clang cards

Also willing to exchange for a card and clintz.
Aurora and 2K or Elvira and 3K

Close pls got both ady

Close please

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