thursday 18/03/2010

Hi, all.
I've been looking for a game like this since Headbone stopped the Camp Champ days.
I'd love a casual guild/clan, but am looking to possibly play this a little more hardcore-like.

If there are any hints/tips or even freebies that you are willing to give, it's all appreciated. I don't have access to a means to buy cards right now, but know that anything given will be remembered.

Thanks a ton.

Sanity has stopped recruiting now,
we are going in hiding far far away,

Possibly further in the year when we are at our peak of madness & sanity,
we will come back to clint city and claim new blood!!

Untill then,
Have a good day and thanks,


(Close Please)

Our Guild is dedicated to giving everyone a fair chance and using strategies in our battles. We will accept any level user who speaks english as one of their languages. We have our own website where you can win cards or just hang out. If you are just in it for having fun then this is a good place for you. We hope to see all of you in our guild which can be found at

wednesday 17/03/2010

Our sincerest apologies for not posting the hyperlink. smiley

Please join my guild we want all join at thx

tuesday 16/03/2010

Oh yeah I remember that one LOL smiley

Repairing Your Life

Lol...and the bonus is that noone can say the guild name 50x"clint clonglomerglits!"




monday 15/03/2010

Are you interested in joining my guild?

Everyone is invited to join this guild as long as you have a good well balanced deck and a good strategy to back that guild relies on strategy and technique to zone out our opponent anyone can join this guild by the first request you send. if you have any questions about this guild feel free to message skeletorial about it.

All Irish players over level 20 will be accepted into the guild we are number 1 in Ireland join us!

Pizza is join the sons of the fallen!

sunday 14/03/2010

We are still Recruiting!! Check us out guild:891654


Join the guild for endless fun.'re making tcg flame it or haggi may not join them!

Your avatar looks like nina from gurran lagann... sr for bumping the thread

Hey wats up names hillu....i kno most guild promise stuff and dont do it but i do help out my guild....i give cards when i can... or just give tip....i kno wat u might say that im a lier but i do just ask my guild. If u want help join guild of rejects

Prolly because he was in MOB

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