thursday 29/01/2009

Nintendan You're Funny He Wants Gary To Gain Exp Faster 5* at 300 isn't bad and he's gonna get a lot of exp :]

Sold. close pleasesmiley


I would like to trade my Splata Cr for your Miss Twice Cr + Nahi Cr, or trade 3 of my Splata Crs for your Marlyssa Cr. Thank you.

Close plzsmiley

Mod close this joint already got 10

Cmon anyone?

Close this also thank you

CLOSE this pls I got my card

Current Market price is 55.
Would nice to go a little bit lower, that is ~50.
Bargain possible.

Paying cash.

Please destroy

Anyone? its just a sudden inflation...

Cloe please.smiley

I'll Trade my 700 x 4* PFULL for CR's
pm if interested

Guys read the thread....

reshman cant sell. someone close this smiley

I have both Swidz Cr and Marco.

Let me know what you want.

Well that was quick, got it sold, mod can close now.

Heres what im selling
Beltran Cr (Cr)- full 58,000
chadbread cr- full- 21,000
Chikko Cr (Cr)-full- 9,700
Lamar Cr (Cr) - full 95,000
Dwain Cr (Cr)- 0xp- 60,000
Miss Twice Cr (Cr)- 0xp-71,000
Nahi Cr (Cr)- 0xp- 62,000
Swidz Cr (Cr)- oxp- 26,000
Vickie Cr- oxp- 77,100

im looking to sell the whole group for none crs only, so no seperate sales and noob offers. i dont want doubles of any card so no 90 Denise (C) crap. plz pm me for quicker results. i will only take offers near or at the price i listed above.thanks

Opps forget to ask mod to close this, i already got my card , mod please close this thanks

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