thursday 19/02/2009

I am buying ANY card for 110 clintz

if you have a bunch to get rid of at that price please add them into my private sales and give me 7-8 hours to get them before you remove them as i'm not allways here.


Please post your offers here and send them to my private sales or send me a private message and we can work something out.

Im trading all my roots for ulu watu

I will take all.

No way that would be a rip off

Bought, please close. smiley

wednesday 18/02/2009

Close this. I'm gonna change the thread

The 2 star Piranhas that takes 2 pills from you if win.

Willing to trade your card for my 0 exp vickie Cr

1.8 million per unit

I'm just offering myself to train cards for others....

I simply sell Phonos or gary at lvl 4 with 1 combat left to level i plainly sell work tho is to level them up from 2* to 4*....i just need some1 interested,so i can do this periodically,like a kind of the buyer gets fast and huge exp,while i get fair exp and money...losing lot of time,which the buyer in fact is buying...

So i am simply selling time smiley

12 000 clintz (and trading some cheaper cards) you can sell it asap or PM me

As you can see I have a very limited collection which I am trying to expand. I'm willing to buy any 0xp card for 125clintz, less if possible. Just put them up on my private sales. Thanks

Close please

Bought for 100,000 smiley
Please close.

Sorry! has been sold! PLEASE CLOSE!

I'll take Yookie and Ben if I could please.


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