monday 19/01/2009

Buyng Platoona's 0xp for 535. That's a lttle lower than the current market prce.

Thank You


I have smiley it close plzz

Alreadt sold hr clos this plz

Got Her Cheaper close pls

2000 for SkrumxxT

I've put these cards in your private sales. Enjoy smiley

Looking to buy Z3r0 D34d and Toro , I am offering 3250 - 3500 for each.

Please pm me or add them to my private sales.

Modz, please close

I'm looking tyd for 750~800 clintz...
if any1 cn sell me lower than dis price...den thx
n pm me if u wan sell it 2 me...

Please close.

Close please smiley

I have Marlysa Cr 0xp .Do you can give cash with marlysa Cr full?

I already got the maxed Jackie but i still need dorian and zatman
om if ur interestedsmiley

sunday 18/01/2009

Buying Igniss in bulk
200 clintz each
any level
just put in my private sales

Sorry alredy sold

Moderator, close please thank u

I have 6 charlie lvl4 0xp and looking for tessa cr.. if you are interested pm me!

I can give u like a chikko cr for xu 52

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