wednesday 18/02/2009

Close please it waz sold to clive02

As title said, i wanna buy both of them.
send me private sales asap thanx

Z3r0 D34d = 3500
Leviatonn = 8000

tuesday 17/02/2009

What card u want ?
i have a 2 complete la junta clan without crs
so basiclly , i have all the cards that u want

All cards are gone

please close this post

Note, nesanesa cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).


I need 2 buy wardog 1500 clintz

I also want to buy Coby.

I will bye psylo for smileyo clintz smiley.

I'll buy Kimberly, Terry and Lewis for 1100...smiley

Buying now for 4.8k

I will buy any 150clintz worth cards at 0xp for 150clintz

pm me if interested

I know thats y i want to buy it 800 clintz below market price

Ashigaru for rowdy pm me

Close plz

New thing i sell for cheapiset market price

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