saturday 17/01/2009

U cant even sell ur cards privately or on the market close this

For 150 i know thats cheap but im asking anyone who is kind enough to b generoussmiley

Payin 20k Right now!

No thanks mate.

Still looking.

I got lehane

Plz close all were sold

Just wait two weeks then get 2-4onghs for your one morphun.

Ok please lock theve been sold

friday 16/01/2009

Subject Close


Sold please close

Ill buy a gary off you for 150 clintz

Ill take gary for 150

Tradeing Marco NOW

My Rass Cr 0XP for your lower-end CR's, valuable non-CR cards and/or clintz. Looking for approx 900k, but will discount for certain cards. PM me if you're interested.

PM or Post offer. Atleast 60k

Close..i sell it!!thanks!!

I have a full xp Cassio. . .
Looking for a Page (don't care about xp) + 500c
PM me, please.

Close please.

Kreen(3½lv) and Odile(2lv) for 2400 clintz?

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