tuesday 17/02/2009

Buying nistarok for 3k or pm me for other clintz offers

Still available.

Willing to trade rolph and bristone for Liu and Loma Noju. I am willing to negotiateI may throw in clintz as well.
pm me with offers!smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Closed pleasesmileysmiley

thank you mods

Want to buy ottavia for 1.6k

Also no longer need


Close, i traded with him

Already sold Marco, can someone close thissmiley

Every rescue for 99000

Buying him for 55000-56000smileysmileyMessage me if theres a deal

Any cr will work as long as its whithin price range but i dont have any more sentinel

monday 16/02/2009

Please close i sold him already thank you

Nvm it's full lvl

More like 25-30k pm if interested

Lvl 3 1700

Have em pm if interested

I've got Hawkins how much are you willing to buy him for.

Please close all sold. Thanks

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