sunday 19/11/2017

Looking to buy one at 300k. Thanks!

Cash, cr’s or lots accepted
Just make an offer

Thanks alot! smiley

Found smiley

saturday 18/11/2017

Tessa Cr is sold

So,now I am selling or trading Flavio Cr

Selling 4x Jim Cr, 1 of them is 0xp and 3 full xp
They're around 4,2M

I'm looking for:
Serafina [380k]
Behemoth [640k]
Schatzi [700k]
Kerozinn Cr [2M470K]
or cash
or just offer me some cards, maybe we'll make a deal, i won't accept lots or unplayable CRs

I can give the difference in clintz

Or i trade it for a dakota 0xp

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