thursday 15/01/2009

Still, if anyone has any cheap Jungo cards to sell me, PM me and we'll sort something out.

Or just put them in my private sales.

I have a Jackie, crisp and unused (0 XP), which no one seems to want to pony up 20K clintz for, so how about a trade? I'm looking for pussycats and piranas right now. Maybe a package with Yayoi and Charlie would be a good trade or maybe Hawkins/Bloodh/Katan or some creative combinations. I like my cards fully levelled because I'm lazy.

Ill pay 1250smiley

Ill give u an unleveled sting....have one lying around...if u prefer, would want me to negotiate price

Sold please closesmiley

wednesday 14/01/2009

Striker and leviatonn gone!!
please close thanx!

Marco's gone
please close

Sorry kaneholt i sold already to somebody already =[ but i would have....please close

10.2k PM me if your interested

Who is going to sell Tula for 200 only send to my privat sale plz

Close plzz

This is a very old post. The seller is not even active anymore.

Well put the difference do you take other cards cards

I have him pm me to negotiate a price thx

No and all sold please close

I have SkrumxxT and i'm not desperate to get rid of him, but i'd rather exchange him for another card...
The cards i would most like to exchange for are, Steve, Glorg. Ratanah or Lulabee.
However, i am open to any other offers so please pm me if interested.

How much if for very cheap?/

Send me the card then i will send u mine

Add 5000 and i think

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