tuesday 10/02/2009

So, no one to accept these offers?

You can now close this, mods. Thank you. smiley

Closing the theme mod´s and thanks smiley

I'm gt her ady...pls close

Close please smiley

Hi I Just Want To Trade For Kenny & Sheitane

I Have Bloodh,Nerfeniti,Aurora
Please Message Me. Or Pm Thanks.

Looking for a copper at any level, willing to trade some Rescue, Ghiest cards amd clintz!!!! Also looking for Hawkins! Pm me with offers please.

thanks mods

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Close plz

monday 09/02/2009

Mona for 4000

Well thanks itamae smiley i didnt know thatt! well then here is my updated list:

-Greow (R)
-Kreen (R)
-Chill (U)
-Ongh (U)
-Psylo (U)
-Gertrud (R)
-Python (R)
-Trish (R)
-Uxoh (R)
-Chiro (U)
-Emeth (U)
-Tank (U)
-Sylth (U)
-Dash (R)
-Perle (R)
-Taham (R)
-Kawan (U)
-Malmoth (U)
-Peeler (U)
-Gibson (C)
-Crystal (U)

Ulu Watu cards

almost all Sakrohm cards

Thanks for all the offers.
Close please

I have all of them
pm me with ur offer

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Closing the theme smiley

I'm looking for:

0xp SCOTTY for 1,000 clintz


0xp BRAGH for 2,000 clintz

just pm me.

thanks. smiley

Please close this subject

I have elya cr
i want kerozinn cr and jim cr
i give my elya cr and 8k for kerozinn cr and jim cr.whait answer here or pm

2300/each now

I'm looking for glorg for 3500 clintz

level doesn't matter

tx bye!!!

I have a gabrielle in ulu watu right just pm me or just leave me a message.private sell i want.

Close please he already has a subject of this

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