saturday 24/01/2009

Buying Esmeralda and Wolfgang hope to get them for 300 each.

I lose more if i sell Ombre and buy Kerozinn smiley

Pls close smiley

I must admit this is an extremely good deal cmon ppl he deserves it (i would say pm ppl who are selling on teh makret

Yeah but i wont pay over market for any lol

Card aquired, someone please close this thread, Thanks

How about kreen and u give me a litle more money hulkimania

smiley i wait some offers...

friday 23/01/2009

Note snipeclips cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

plz snipeclips buy some credits so that you can sell cards and make more money

Hey ill trade with you give me one yayoi and 2k and il give you a LV1 yayoi 0xp deal or no deal

Lol this was a joke close please

Close this plz

All gone. Please close. smiley

Buying no nam underpriced.. im going away so people put down your offers here
i will check them on next monday
(aka 1/26/09)
thank you for everyone including the mods

please close thanxs!!

Buying Marina at 7k

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