sunday 25/01/2009

Moderator, please close, thx

Close this plz it sold

Uranus is sold, Borss still for sale

Got it. please close.

Moderators. Close the Tems. Morphun its sealed. Thanks

He's Price Changes Sorry :]

I'm cool with that. PM me and we'll sort it out.

6400 PM me if your interested

Ive reported this guy to mods b4... not blacklisted yet looks like.

Lol I think 2200 is ok.

saturday 24/01/2009

I'll only take 1 for 120k. I need a lvl 2. PM me if if this is ok

If this is two full Vickie Cr for a single Splata CR, 0XP it's about right. If not, you're way way way way short.

I have him and ill give him to you for like 6,300 that is way under priced

As it Says In the Tittle.Offer Your Prices For them Here

Close please

Got Them Close Please Thx :]

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