tuesday 13/01/2009

No that is too much for maxed

Please close

Final offer - I hope it will interest some owner of Guru CR - 3.305.000 clintz !!!

Kerozinn Cr - 74
2x Marlysa Cr 0 exp - 494 *2
Marlysa Cr - 450
Diyo Cr - 21
Splata Cr - 100
Miss Twice Cr - 70
Vickie Cr - 64
Elya Cr - 105
Shawoman Cr - 998
Skullface Cr - 81
Tessa Cr 2x - 108 * 2
Chad Bread Cr 2x - 21 * 2
Beltran Cr - 70
Swidz Cr - 26
Total - 3.305.000 clintz

Close plz smiley

Buying 0xp warren for 200.

Closing this as Grimmjow failed to answer / accept / reject any offers or my request to add a closing date for his auction. Grimmjow can post a proper post if he still wants to auction or sell Chad Bread Cr.

Closing closign closing CLOSED

i mena close it plz

I need these Pussycats quickly...

250 for Ella
660 for Meg
675 for Wanda
1 300 for Emma
that's it thanks..

16.5k is your offer
swidz is 20-25 even 30k

I have kenny
trade kenny for hawkin and bloodh?

I am still looking for the trade.

Cards i Need:
Dolores Boss
Elly Mae
Baby Q

Cards Im willing to trade:
Any La Junta card except crs

As the title say I'm buying all the montana except Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie Cr which I can afford at the moment

But if you make a good offer about Vickie Cr, we can have a deal!
I'm buying them apart or in groups, NOT buying the full clan from one player

Pm me for faster response!
Mods, thx for posting this

monday 12/01/2009

Thank you for the PM
got everything~
feel free to close this
thx again~

Will buy or 2 jackies and 18-20k

I've gotten several of these. Please hurry if you wanna get your clintz.

Right. Cause I'm so eager to pay you more than I could pay in the market...

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