monday 12/01/2009

I've gotten several of these. Please hurry if you wanna get your clintz.

Right. Cause I'm so eager to pay you more than I could pay in the market...

Ok i might be interested i currently own alot of marco so ill trade but what can you add with kerry

Strategy and tactics is the usual place for unconventional questions.

Message me for faster deals. smiley

2 messages

Close please i have bought Gil.

I have all
pm me your price

Close please!!

Buying Smokey for 2000 clintz

Make that 1400-1700, depending on the current market price.

Send me a pm....

I have Ottavia and a Vansaar both 0xp and want to trade for a Gaia Xp doesn't matter.
I know that Gaia Cost a bit more than both of them combined so no need to post saying that.
Thank you for stopping by.

Got everything i wanted... sold everything i wanted...
although still missing jane ramba, but that's ok... feel free to close this~smiley
tyvm again~

I don't have enough clintz to pay the full amount so I will exchange some cards as well. PM me with your price.

sunday 11/01/2009

Charlie 11k

Na how is it market prices go up its not for selling its for collection and look at your post before saying im ripping people off

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