sunday 11/01/2009

Please can you close this.

Ok then doesnt matter.

Ill buy for 750

saturday 10/01/2009

Ok then close this

Please cloze and
marsh sorry no

Plz close im no loger selling these cards on here

2 messages

Mods please close this trend

Close pleasesmiley

Bobby for 1150... PM me if interested

Ok then

01 x Ombre Cr maxed +5,000 clintz = 01 x Ambrose Cr maxed

How much for ghoub

Please set private trade or pm me if interested...

Eklore is worth 34k
no one is going to sell her for 25k

Close plz sold

I got taham...
still loking for the others
don't be shy... we can talk about the price! smiley

Buying at slightly lower than market price like around 750

Plz close already bought 1 of the cards i need

See you blacklist me i cant pm you i say i have 4

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