tuesday 03/02/2009

I don't know who the kind guy that gave me a kolos for 50 clintz i can't believE!
ADMINS u can close it smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I just sold him to you

I wanna trade my jackie rubie and ambre
for a Tanearava

pm me if interestedsmiley

I want to buy lucia for 4.5k send the trade to comferm

Kenny has been sold. Please close.

Would be willing to trade swidz cr for kolos and kerry

Will also throw in a rubie and all clintz i currently have[650]

Purchased Edd... Mods, please close.

smileysmileyi have yu mei and hattori.i need this card.hopefully you guys like this offer.smileysmileysmiley

I am buying these Rescue:


The price will drop back down soon thats why they are so cheap

Plz. close dis
and thnk u smiley

Mods can you please close this

10k please anyone help me

Say what you want about him being overpriced. I don't know why people wouldn't just sell him at the overprice price. I got 7k for minesmiley

Sell it to me for 3.5k willing to buy it

monday 02/02/2009

I am in depserate need for a Kiki for my Type 2 deck.
If you want to do the trade, PM me.

Plz close thread i will remake a new 1

I bought everything Except the CR's Now..

Seldnor Cr (Cr) (Cr) 19,000
Diyo Cr (Cr) (Cr) 19,500
Chad Bread Cr (Cr) (Cr) 19,500
Cassio Cr (Cr) (Cr) 20,000
Geuner Cr (Cr) (Cr) 20,300
Page Cr (Cr) (Cr) 22,000
Swidz Cr (Cr) (Cr) 23,000

Can someone close this
it is going no where

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