monday 29/12/2008

Sold. close pleasesmiley

What do u want for ur Tanerava

I'll trade my maxed Burger for someones Lennox
pm me if ur interestedsmiley

Admin.. close this one now... thanks...smiley

sunday 28/12/2008

Close has been sold

Sargh -150 clintz
No need for pm, just sell me private

Mod can close this, I have bought the cards already. In fact, have sold some in the market already smiley

Close please

Please close, changed to 2 Ambres

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Deal was made.

Close please

"onlineStatus ShamedGod - Titan Us flag
Tuesday 25/03, 05:41

Traded most of them. Close please"

Enough said.

Close Plz smiley

I got it smiley close please

I can't. sorry mate.XD

anyone else?smileysmiley

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Close please

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Closed please

No..i dont need these cards.

I'll give you 3, 500 for dorian. make it 3, 700.

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