wednesday 07/01/2009

Ye i know but why bulk?

you only need one in a......................................oh wait he wants spares

is that right?

Please close. Got one for Bragh, No Nam and 3k.

Close please i have a deal

Close plz i got Armanda Cr!

'd like to swap my full XP Splata Cr (Cr) for 16 kreen or sell 105000 clintz.PM me if you're interested.

Smokey for 2100 smiley

Looking to buy Jackie. Have 14k, and a Miss lulabee to offer. Send PM if you're even willing to sell as I do DT's to earn more clintz.

I have all the cards you need except the leaders you cn make a reasonable offer if you want?

I buyin uranus for 4k clint or lower if possible

Why don't you be more specific on which cards from each of the clans? This will save everyone time from posting back and forth.

Im now looking to trade 120 nobrodroids and 34k for a dragan cr

Im sellin seldnor cr for

Sold all but z3r0 d34d, close please.

Close this thread plsss...

tuesday 06/01/2009

i'm looking for:

Alec for 8000
Marco for 19000


please do not post ridiculous offers

Changed my mind i'll just sell the cards insted

close please

Sorry All sold Close Please

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