saturday 31/01/2009

Sold everything please CLOSE


Plz Close

Morphun (R) - 23000 (full)


Eyric - 6350 (full)
Marina (R) - 8600 (full)
Clintz - 7000

That will be 1k less

PM me for faster response

Thank you moderators!

Buying Marco and Hax for both for 32000 or just pm me

Buying bodenpower for less then market price
current market price:2100
plz offer wuickly
pm me if u want faster responses
ty mods

I can sell it 4 14k

Clara right now is at 2k u know

For 1500 clintz ps me pls thank you

Ive got bridet what can i get for it

If anyone is looking for a large quantity of Robb, please contact me. Reasonable offers only, I can fill almost any need.

Close please

Do u hav a kolos to trade il give kenny and clints pm

friday 30/01/2009

3 messages

Close please

I am selling copper level 2 for 9400 clintz

Close please

Looking for a Taigo for 750
PM me and the price might change

Close please

Trading my leviatonn for a striker... Pretty simple.

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