monday 05/01/2009

Mods, please close. This post is long gone.

sunday 04/01/2009

Mods can close, I bought her smiley

Ill trade a maxxed Marco

Willy and four thousand clintz
willy, graff, boodenpower, and 1000 clintz
will offer a little more if the market changes for the cards I listed

I can give you 6 thousand i really need thiis and you are a titan with 83 percent of the collection and i am a novice with 8 cards(check my profile) and i really need this i can give you a somba.

Miss twice cr is 70k

What about malmoth??

All were sold plz close

Please close the trade is done smiley Thanks to all that PM smileysmileysmileysmiley...

Hi i am selling Havok level 5 for 3900
and Miranda full level for 1100

Blaaster And Juicy Lord Bought Looking for the others

Plz close all were sold

I no longer need this.



Close plz smiley

All sold Close Please :]

I'd like to buy a gheist with this amount
sorry for buying them cheap cuz i don't have enough clintz

dr.saw- 1000clintz
bristone- 400 clintz
rolph - 1500 clintz

Clz plz smiley

1x Fully levelled Beltran Cr, going for anything near 50k
1x Fully levelled Reine Cr, going for anything near 90k

Dont you mean any sellers and ive sent a private sale to you

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