wednesday 24/12/2008

Close please

Elya maxed ???? unblacklist me we can negotiate

Close please

I kind of need ulu watu or rescue now so just pm me with your offers

Vholt was sold a long time ago on market.

Please Close smiley

Ill sell you mort bax for 350
but he is fully leveled UP

I'm buying Tanaereva for 25 000 clintz. Post here or on pm or put in my Private sales.
Merry Christmas smiley

Are there any gheist you wanna get rid of???

How much you pay for lennox

11.5k and its yours

Just post your offers here and pm me for faster results

Yes i am aware of this but they will drop in price
and i am only going to pay this much for them right now
no1 is buying them at market price at the moment until
after christmas

I'll buy Blaaster for 5k

put her in my private sales

Yayoi for how much

I need slyde steve alec and kerry. ill buy them for 20000 clints.

if you dont have them all:
slyde full price
steve-- 5000
alec --7900
kerry-- 8800

pm me with a reply please. thank you

tuesday 23/12/2008

Sold mods please close this thanxsmiley

Robg54 dont listen to dwayne44 he cant sell you rhed or mona

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