sunday 04/01/2009

Sold. Close please

Nobody has Hawkins for sale at this price?

Buying uranus for 3.8k clints if u wan to sell jus sell it to me i will buy it when i see it

Ill be buying preferebly emeth or no nam... i got 2000 clintz... thanx..!

Want to buy for 1300

Ill buy it 1100c or market price

I have a lot of Jessie and Nobrodroid cards that i would like to exchange for Marlysa at market price. Anybody interested can PM me.

How much for olga

I'll buy 12 Robb for 1k each

Ill buy every1 for 5k

saturday 03/01/2009

All sold mods plz close

Close this please.

Cloze plz

I want hawkins 8k

Got one smiley
lock please

Haha you guys are funny
wait the price blast up to offer less sayin that is lower than the price


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