wednesday 28/01/2009

I forgot to say she is full exp!

Boy .....

Especially for ppl wanna sell their big card, since it is easier to sell low priced CRs or other cards.

Thats like 1-2k under market price...

Whats the max u offer

Scratch that. Got sheitane. Now I'm buying Hel for around 1k- 1.1k

Moderator close please

Plz close this thnxsmiley

Im buying Olga for 1800 ctz or Cassandra for 2100 ctz... pls.
That price or less...

Anyone? Looking for Vickie Cr 60k ... put in private !!

close pleasesmiley

2k for the remaining 3?

I have 7k now

Ok Clara is not needed i got her for a good price smiley
Now need Wolfgang and Akendram.
Willing to pay 650 and 1400 respectively.

Ill offer 65k

Sold admins please closesmiley

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