tuesday 23/12/2008

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2500 for Mona. That be all I got. If ou decide to trade me the Mona for 2500 then put in private sales and message me. I'll check regularly, but I'd probably check quicker if u msg mesmiley

Yes i want a oxp cards...i also have 200k....and many doubles so if you want to trade just pm me or post here smiley

I need a Bristone and I got 600 clintz, be generous

I think he said all are traded. Admins please close this thread. Note: I am not the one who opened it.

Please close, SkrumxxT obtained!


Bought Eris please close.

I am buying any cheap card under 800 clintz

Moderator, close the post, Carlos was sealed. Thanks to all people.


Lost Hog - 0xp - Sell him to me smiley

I'll buy it at 26K

monday 22/12/2008

I have Gibson and Peeler, 7.2k for both?

Im want a kenny for around 15500 or lower

I got dr saw , smokey and sting

Ill buy splata cr for 85k and who sells it to me will get a card of there choice when i get some clints (not cr)

Sold, and don't know how to close this thing

Mods please close

just bought

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