wednesday 28/01/2009

For 150clintz each thanks if you sell me and thanks for mods for accepting

Close please

I'm looking from 55 to 66 k

I have Chloe and Peeler.

PM me with your offers.

I am currently selling a 2 Star Dalhia in the Marketplace for 16995 Clintz.

However, if it isn't purchased by the time I get back tomorrow... then I'll sell it for 16200 Clintz to whoever can reply first, or possibly, put up a higher offer. I understand that it's not much of a drop in price, but hey - you save about 800 Clintz (that is, IF it doesn't sell). It's better than nothing, right?

I'll pay 600 for Alexei

I apologize for miss spelling hes name is Hattori

Buying for 1600, Full xp.

Nebody got a spare wardog they ain't usin?

I'm lokking for Na Boh for 600 clintz, Murray for 800 clintz, Miss Lulabee for 1000 clintz and Wakai for 800 clintz.
PM me for fast replies

tuesday 27/01/2009

I'm sorry but thats too expencive for me
the maximum I'll pay for the 4 star is 450 and for the 5 star 700
I can find them at the market at this prices

1st- you spelled buy wrong
2nd- i just wanted to post this just to say that yiou spelled it wrong

Im in despreat need of coby offering 6215 clintz plz

Me give you boohmah for lin xia pm me and wel negotiate i really want himsmileysmileysmiley

there look at it now
any offers

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