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monday 08/03/2010

Join or the hobbits will reincarnate and take over the world.

What's that you say, "But, but, they're so little!?"

Be warned my friends! It is impossible not to bust your gut laughing at a herd of little people running at you with sticks and stones. Impossible! They will kill you!

What's that you say, "But, but, midgets are not real people!"


sunday 07/03/2010

Hey guys,

the name is moatism, atm.
glad to be apart of the guild and hope to have some fun and learn to make a more solid deck maybe.

I've been playing UR since December and still learning and still loving it. I figure a good way to get to know me would be by my deck, so.....

my current deck is Junks/Freaks
but other clans I like to use are NIghtmare, Skeelz, and sometimes Gheist.
clans i hate are Montana, Uppers, and Jungo. smiley

saturday 06/03/2010

We have Krump who has a 1463 ELo value at the moment and is 9th in the world...

Yeah. Level 37 here lookin for a guild.

friday 05/03/2010

Close Please. =)

thursday 04/03/2010

wednesday 03/03/2010

We need you

tuesday 02/03/2010

The War Party guild are looking for players who are going to be playing on a regular basis to help boost recent losses to the guild.

Players of any level are welcome aslong as you are going to be an active player but in a bid to boost the guilds profile 30+ level players are a preference.

I am a very active player as are a few other members of the guild and we are good fun loving people however insult and disrespect will never be tolerated and will result in your immediate removal from the guild.

I know at first glance the guild doesn't look very inspiring but i wouldn't be writing this if it did.

War Party

Join The M.O.B I'm on daily and our boards are active

Masters of Battle

Thundering across the stars,
to save the universe from the Monster Minds,
Jayce searches for new members,
To lead his Wheeled Warriors to victory
Over the changing form of Saw Boss.
Wheeled Warriors explode into battle!
Lightning Strikes!

guild:879997 is here smiley The usual guild shenanigans going on. Games, competitions, witty banter etc

All you need to be is Level 28 and above please

Many thanks No1here

monday 01/03/2010

Maybe guild:819551 could help you smiley We have several experienced elo playerssmiley

sunday 28/02/2010

If you are looking to join a guild, join The Cunning Gambit!

We hold weekly competitions, there one going on right now!

We are very non-selective, ANYONE can join!

We have many experienced players and can give you adivce on whatever mode you want to play in.

Join today.

Please close this thread.

Hi, atsuro? i wanna join you guild, for a bit of fun

saturday 27/02/2010

Join The Cunning Gambit! No restrictions to join, just a bunch of great people that help each other out.

Welcome to UR, happy gaming and that's a decent description of a deck,

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