sunday 07/02/2010

Nononono uhav to join my guid wired for da kill

Guild description:

To be honest, but I've never really got the point of the whole guild thing...

This is a guild for casual, yet successful players. If you want to have an affiliation but don't want to spend hours posting on a forum with people you'll never meet, if you only ever spent the minimum you needed in order to be allowed to sell to other players; then you share my mind-set. Feel free to apply.

I will request however that only people with a regular ELO rating of 1200+ should apply.

A half decent deck and a sound tactical mind are all you ever need in UR.

The Ether Bunny

You should join my guild we have alot of events an a great staff we would like to have you

Supp everyone smiley
pretty new just started yesterday kind of attached already smiley

Guys TCA is one of the best guild I ever had.
So many lotteries, events.
C'mon join in.smiley

saturday 06/02/2010 . that's the ur database, every card that have been released is there, HQ and colored

We are the serpents, we work basically on a strategy... If you are interested in joining this group. Add it, and i shall show you the the ways of a serpent.. ALSO, there are absolutely NO requirements to join this guild. Just apply and automatically be accepted into The Nightmare Serpents guild.
Co-Founder-Young Moneyy
# of current members-6

The Nightmare Serpents

friday 05/02/2010

Brand New Guild
Im an avid player on at least once a day. Tournaments, ELO, Trades.
Join VENOM! Become lethal

Lots of events, games & lottos to keep you amused between battles. prizes galore, join & have a look! you wont be sorry! smiley

Plz close this thread, we have a new guild desrciption and rules

Try out guild:541981. smiley

thursday 04/02/2010

Well Our Boards are real active.

Masters of Battle

Heres a link:Venom and good luck with your guild


Join us we have fun events and we are very talkative.

wednesday 03/02/2010

Hi,i am looking for players to join my guild,you must be level 15+,Have a fairplay rating of over 60% and gave won atleast 50% of your battles.heres the link thanks

Come join The Urban Rival Crew, we are fun have good sense of humour getting alot more active players as the days pass and are in the top 15 Australia rankings

Your more than welcome to come join The Urban Rival Crew your only 16 but active which is what counts most

tuesday 02/02/2010

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