tuesday 30/12/2008

BRyan for 1000

I've contacted both parties just waiting on a reply or another offer.

I am buying Tanaereva at 28k

PM me for other offers.

Olredy have pls close muah's

Everybody sold

Please set a secure trade.
If i refuse, i may have already bought it from someone.

Good luck 6k yun sa marketsmileysmileysmiley

I have here 19,257 Clintz.

I need:

Blaaster (currently 4700 clintz in the market)
Vermyn N (currently 6000 clintz in the market)
B Ball (currently 750 clintz in the market)
Graff (currently 1500 clintz in the market)
Bodenpower (currently 2200 clintz in the market)
Saddy (currently 1100 clintz in the market)

PM me if you are selling them or one of them.
I need discount.

I´m sell my armand for 2000

I already have all the cards. smiley

Mods, please close. smiley

I have shakra i also have lulabee, wee lee, and alec

Nice hope u get those

3 messages

Close plz

I have 10k and I'm looking to buy some cards...
Would like to see what offers there are for 10k w/o going to the market first.
I have most Montanas and Nightmares, so any other card(s) from any other clan would be nice...
Please pm or reply with what you would like to offer for 10k...

Pls close

I think bam bam missed an 0.

Take it easy mate.

Good luck Fally.

Is he 0xp?

Please close, mods.

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