monday 29/12/2008

jackie 15.5k
zatman 7.5k

You're not going to get it in that price

100 clintz for lolly private sells please

Yeah goodluck with that, no one's that generous here in urban rivals

Ill buy olga lower in the market price like 2000c to 1500c

I have one and korrupt plz unblacklsit me and i agreee that is spam

He wants lvl 1 0xp ha lol


Please close this

I will buy him.. 14.5k

2 messages

Subject closed

Just sell it to me private no need for pm smiley

Actually i'll just buy petra for 1,800 or wakai for 870= 2670 for both but only sent ONE
to me if it's a deal, coz that all the clintz i have right now___petra would be slightly better (thank u for ur time)

Woops its level one

Admin... close this too plsss... thanks...smiley

Admin close this one... thanks...smiley

If 4wanda 0xp is near 10k i have 5kolos 0xp too
bob 81 u want buy all for 300k?

Update, all Blaaster bought, don't need any more.

Must be under 20 stars added up
i only have 4962 clintz
please get back to me

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