wednesday 21/01/2009

I'm looking for yayoi.
clintz or trade
pm me

Sorry for the bother, I don't need him now.

Maciej for 1400?
Crassus for 2400?

Close plz i sold

BUYING Ottavia And Mona Post Your Offers Here.Hope this one will be validate...

Pls set up private trade if interesed...

I Need Kerry and Wee Lee. I will trade Alec or Leviatonn and I'll add Clints. I am not desperate. I am looking for a good/fair offer.

Both sold tnx and please close this smiley

Close plz

Close this.. got both

Clouse please thank you

Close plzz .

I buy,
can closesmiley

I am purchasing any and all cards for 80 - 100 clintz each , if you have any you care to get rid of between those prices just add them to my private sales.

Thank You

Close plzz .

I will go buy a exlore for reinecr plus i will give you a piranas deck

Miss chloe for bloodh pm me

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