friday 26/12/2008

Ill buy for 3.5ksmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I got Timber Ashigaru and bridget i still need morphum vansaar ambre eryik and hufp

Close this plz moderators
thnk usmiley

Sold close pleasesmiley

Thanks Jazza smiley

Still looking for more thoughsmiley

logo UR 0 messages

I only have 600, but i can get up to750 clintz for him

I give you 1tessa for 105k
is it okey??

thursday 25/12/2008

this present and stil +5 chikko CR??

Got on the market , for cheaper smiley .... this can be close thx

Close topic please the card has been sold

Im looking for
Dalhia .

im giving
bloodh and another card ....

PM me plz . send message

For Vickie CR ? Just one Guru CR and I will add some characters and clintz smiley

I want to buy Kolos mayby for prize near 20 000 post or pm me offerts

I'll pay you 3K for Bryan.

PM me if you're interested.

No body want to trade

please close

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