sunday 18/01/2009

Any offers?shes overpriced as everyone knows

I'll buy leviatonn.

I need Vickie Cr
i can give - Andsom, Hawkins, Katan, Smokey, Noodile, Ratanah, Rico, Yookie and Seldnor Cr

Gerturd for 500c and emeth too

Erm..time zone differences.... smiley
so does that mean i cant buy 1 Bb cool g for 60 clint off (340 clint)? >.<

Take out kirk and ill trade you for dr saw toro and bristone

I mean eklore +25k for vickie

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Sorry already sold

Well the title says it all
so pm me your offers and pls no beggers

Marina + Bors for Alec

Spycee for 200clintz
tula for 350
andsom for 600
deadeye for 900
tyd for 925
sting for 1005
rhed for 1100
scubb for 1400

Close please

Uranus and bryan are already gone

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