monday 05/01/2009

Close please

Please close

Please close

Wow, away for three days and I get 20 messages! Sorry, thought this thread had been closed...

Would an admin be kind enough to shut this please?

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Please close

I guess I'll take offers. I don't understand why everyone ignores my posts...

I'll buy

Suzie- 490clintz

Tanner- 460clintz

PM me if interested.

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Close plz


That's how much i got mine for

Close This, The Preset Has Been Deleted smiley

Close this plz thnxsmiley

Sell me a private sale i'm buying those said cards for 50 - 150 clintz each

Mods, please close. This post is long gone.

sunday 04/01/2009

Mods can close, I bought her smiley

Ill trade a maxxed Marco

Willy and four thousand clintz
willy, graff, boodenpower, and 1000 clintz
will offer a little more if the market changes for the cards I listed

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