tuesday 09/12/2008

I am willing to buy them via private sales for 1500 both (any lvl) . or separate for Robb 950 clinkz and for Randy 550 clinkz. Its about 10% less than the market value, and I am willing to buy only 1 of each

Bidding starts at 40k in clintz or in cards smiley the end date is 12/12/2008

I'l buy pm me

I have a few Jackie max level and am trading them for version of Jackie at level 3 with little experience or below (meaning I will also accept level 2, 1, or 0exp versions)

Selling dragan Cr for 218 700clintz pm me or pm C-O-P-S

post offer here too.

Already sold.please close thread

Mods, please close. Thanks.

67k final offer

monday 08/12/2008

Rebecca and josh are both level max and i can do the two
of them for 575

Or even less...
Just wait a month, to see smiley

I offer Rass cr 0xp smiley

I have some b ball and would like to trade for some trish .
anybody wan to trade with me ?
just private me and i will selling the b ball to you.

Still available smiley

I want lyse teria Cr... Someons?? Pm me...

I mean please close the thread smiley sorry Euzebe,can i add you?

Nanook and Shayna for 2.6k

Im buying lehane...about 5 copies...for about 10k....
or seperately 1 lehane for 2k.......interested players may pm me.......or leave reply here....

All good.

Close please mods.

Close please

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