saturday 06/12/2008

Selling her for 442 000 clintz now no high no lower send me a message nowsmiley

U mean you mean you sellin on or you tryin to by won if you sellin ill buy

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Close this please.

Close please the, i think i posted i 2ce because i thought i never press validate

Mod's please close

If you dont know what are you talking about it, let it.

Please close this post

I will trade someone a chikko cr +7k for a chad bread cr
pm for quicker response

Close got what i need!

Please Close, Sold for 115k on market

Also can trade the same cards for GOOD Bangers(NO NOOB OFFERS)

XD Sold it privately for 110K already...that was quick 0_o

Please Close.

Pls close this

What he said

I have a full exp Marco for a 0 exp Striker and 0 exp Yayoi

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