saturday 03/01/2009

Willing to buy any junta cards.,.,.

I will, pm me wheneversmiley

800 clintz each pm me first one get its

friday 02/01/2009

PM me if U are interested

Um, full rescue, two tessa crs, kerozinn cr, dahlia hawkinssmiley i wish i could afford him so bad. try the franch message boardssmiley

SOLD mods plz closesmiley

This has been brought, close plz

M8 noone will for now its higher now

logo UR 3 messages

Close pls

Will u buy a max level 1

This guys deadly will his noodile at level 2. he creamed me in elo.smiley

Close it plz im making a new one

Nice pop (prince of persia) pic i will trade dead eye for uranus

I will give you rolph for miss lulabee and erpeto

I'll buy a kharl for 50 clintz smiley

Offering 4 Lamar Cr and 150k clintz

PM me if you are interested.

Close plz smiley

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