friday 05/12/2008

How much peple

Im Selling Eklore For 40k Or You Can Trade Me Kenny And Kolos + 5k

PM me with offers

You're joking, right?

You offered me a whole Ulu Watu clan, then didn't reply and when you finally did, you said you didn't have the cards any more.

I'm not really interested in any business with you at the moment.

Especially not at those prices.

I've got Slyde.

PM me with your offer.

I can get my hands on the other 3 if you really need them too.

Xargom power can sell his/her character on the public market or privately.

Now he can.

I'll take that Lamar Cr off your hands mate.

Are you still looking Mr Elastic?

thursday 04/12/2008

Dude hes like 6000 on the market

Closed Tema.

I am selling the following for either the listed price (individually) or as a bundle for 11k
Gaia - 3700
Buck - 2200
Gabrielle - 3750
Nanook - 1650
all at max level
If interested, pm me. If you post I most likely won't look at it, so please don't.

Value on the Market: (min/avg/max)
At level 1: 18 000 Clintz / 17 450 071 Clintz / 99 999 999 Clintz
At level 2: 20 000 Clintz / 67 000 Clintz / 150 000 Clintz
At level 3: 25 000 Clintz / 1 051 800 Clintz / 5 000 000 Clintz
At level 4: 19 994 Clintz / 8 799 805 Clintz / 99 999 999 Clintz

Then you're just gonna get wasted offers cause the market price is better

All sold!

Close please admins smiley

Close plz

Please close...... thanks much

Close plz sry

Please lock this

I've got 135 clintz+ looking for anything...plz msg mesmiley

wednesday 03/12/2008

Close please mods... auction over...i would like to say that predator won but i dont believe that he has that sort of money..

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