sunday 28/12/2008

Fine 2700 Clintz. Like before put it in my inbox...

I buy any kind of freakonly under the price in the market

Im selling tanaevera for all uppers
pm me

I am relly despret and need a zatman i will pay u back plz i need a generous person to sell him to me for 6.1k plz

i suggest u do not pos here u should pm me

He's not selling Soldaun, he wants to buy for that price, thus the spam comment

Please close.

Yeah, willing to pay up to 600 clintz

Sydney at lv2 that a good offersmiley

Update only need dorain for 5k pm me

saturday 27/12/2008

Looking for some gheist cards
such as toro, methane, and most importantly Leviathon

I have 50 kirk full xp and 30 naykee.. who can trade me these cards for 40 randy 0xp?

Please close

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I will buy banger cards

I have na boh what can u give me

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