saturday 27/12/2008

Okay mod you can close it now,i got d cards =D

I have a kluwn card with zero experience.

Will trade for other good bangers or sell for a good price

I would but he is already sold on market for 6.85k sorry please close

Close please

I need hottori
ill buy him for 3.1k

Tanaereva full xp is at 30k

Diyo CR is at 17k

throw in 12k in clintz and i will do it

Trading 0xp Hikiyousan for a full xp Zatman (U)?

Deal finished.

plz close mods.

Ill buy one of ur Zatmans
pm me with ur price

Pls close

Nobody want buy
pls close

friday 26/12/2008

............close this......

0xp lol and there is 33 of them

I got him i got him!!!smiley

Sargh i have sargh

I buy her if she is at zero exp for 500.

Looking for offers that include Marlysa Cr + other cards or clintz to equal around 900,000 clintz.

900k is just a starting point and is negotiable depending on the offers. PM me or write here.

Oops i double posted this. can mod clsoe pls

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