thursday 27/11/2008

Sold them all ... close subject

I will buy yayoi for 1k lower than market price.

wednesday 26/11/2008

Ill make that trade pm me when if u see this

I'll trade for them? Message me and we can discuss. I have CR's such as tessa and elya.

Trade for kerry

7k for kerry

Trade shakra for graksmxxt fast

I am willing to trade my Kenny 0xp for an Alec & Marco

Pm me if you're ok!!

For My Morphun and my Kerozinn Cr and 6000 Clintz pleasse

I'm looking for some very good Uppers cards for my collection which are around 600 clintz and below. So if you have any offers please post it and i will be back to accept or decline. Montana,Sentinel,Ulu Watu,Fang Pi Clang,Bangers and La Junta cards are also excepted at the same price- 600 and below.


Come on sell to me plz plz

I will buy Tanaereva (U) 26k.Use the Private sales if you like.

5300c maxxed level PM me or private sell it to me

I'll buy all of them 700 each smiley

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