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friday 22/01/2010

We are new active guild....
so we are need more member
requirements :
lvl 20




thursday 21/01/2010

wednesday 20/01/2010

JOIN JOIN JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Please post on the French forum smiley

Fallenacz will make a new thread smiley

You forgot your link

The U.S.A Rulers


Actually anyone can join as long as they are over level 10.

Hello i am recruiting new members for my guild that i just started. we already have 9 members and are looking to add many more members.this Guild is for great players who want to further their abilities and get even better at this game. if you are interested in joining this guild just PM me and we will discuss you joining the guild. or just apply for membership on our guilds page at the following link:

Lookin for active players both online and on message board

tuesday 19/01/2010

Final Chapter of story 1: The last breath

“They work for the government” The don then died after revealing his two murderers and their new occupations. Giovanni was worried. The government would definitely be more dangerous with people like Lyse Teria and Simon. When Lyse Teria left all those years back, nobody figured she would turn federal. Or at least, not serve her time first. Maybe she got made a deal. The death of the don would really help take some years off her jail sentence.

Aldo looked on at the don not shedding a tear or even feeling sad for the least bit. He’d pieced everything out like Giovanni had.

“Well that’s what we get for being who we are.” He looked at Giovanni and Sharon giving him weird looks. “Game over, I’m out. We’re all dead like the don anyways”. He was expecting an argument but didn’t get one. So he walked off on them, out of Borgia’s Palace, unarmed, hands in the air just waiting to get shot or something. But nothing happened.

“WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, WE’RE RIGHT HERE!” Aldo yelled. Still nothing. Sharon looked at him from out the window. Giovanni just sat down with his back against a wall. To him it was simple, yet confusing.

He grabbed the don’s cell, looked up the contacts and made one call. The person picked up. “We need your help” Giovanni said after only the message system came on. “The don’s dead, there’s been some betrayals and we’re way outnumbered and outgunned. Bring help” Giovanni said and hung up.

Freddy Cougar is a puss, compared to Sunny.
Sunny have a fire breathing or something.

Close this please

Hey everyone,
Just posting to apologise for not completing the tours as originally announced.
I grew steadily inactive untill recently when I was Captivated to discover missions had been released,
Also that I am now able to sell 1 character per day on the market instead of the price I was getting from kate,
A more effective way of proffitting from my doubles.
I'd like to thank all guilds who participated in hosting me.
And I now inform you that my tour is over,

We do nothing, but spam the message board and I'm in the guild.

The recruitin event will take place in Feb. keep checking for the details, i'll also have it posted on the Events and Tourny's thread

monday 18/01/2010

Hey guys we have lowered the level requirement so now members lvl 20 and up may join

Babypunk, please post your thread in the French forum smiley

sunday 17/01/2010

Recruiting Lvl 7s +



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