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sunday 17/01/2010

Da FUNK is officially collaborating with Forever Heroes! all who read this thread and want to join da funk apply to forever heroes

friday 15/01/2010

Plz close this i going to make another geting way to pagens on this one. i wil make a new one

thursday 14/01/2010


we intend to pick a target and challenge them when caught.... the target will not be in our guild but it will be interesting to see who can catch and kill the target first..........

This is one of the many games the members of THOR will have in store for them......

there will be guild events, chat rooms, joke threads, tasks that will be great fun to try and accomplish nd all of the other stuff like guild markets and various other fascinating and fun activities.........

I may be only level 18 but I have been in another very strong guild and I know how to set up lots of plans and events, I have done pretty good in ELO considering I had hardly any cards.......

That will change and the better the members that join the better....... Join us........ I am looking forward to members like you joining the guild....

click on the above link and then click on apply on the left of the screen....

Good Luck and hopefully I will see you soon.......... also any high level members that wish to join part time to help out the guild are more than welcome and will be greatly appreciated...

thank you allsmileysmileysmiley

Wrong forum, please repost smiley

Need as many people as we can get currently need 1 more to keep the guild.

will try and help with anything we can

no lvl required first 4 people to join will b admins

lookin for friendly on every now and agian players

well hope to c ya there (http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=819373) peace

TaN was previously destroyed by a guild admin, yet another guild to fall to people I thought I could once trust... But oh well... I will move on. The guild is gone and I shall create a new guild...

Please close this

Still looking for more members

join now or not

This is a new Guild, and it is associated with the Online Gaming Community of the same name.

Check us out at: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=819440

The Online Gaming Community website is: shadow-eclipse.net

If you are over the age of 18 then feel free to join the guild. No minimum LVL, just a minimum age requirement.

wednesday 13/01/2010

Join our guild the battle is coming, join guild:819284 simply click on the link then click on apply to join on the left hand side smiley

I am now a lonely soldier fighting for the rest of humanity..... join my fight to become a powerful and strong guild and exact revenge on those who would look down on those who are weak.....!!!!

The guild is only just beginning but it will flourish with the help of all the new members that join its ranks.... it will not fail..... I would let that happen.............. it will be a success.............. Thor's mighty Hammer will be used on those who need to be brought to justice.................

Feel free to read the background story of the ancients and how they threaten the very existence of mankind and how I am trying to raise an army to defend the realm of man............!!!!!!!!!!!

The other guild that I am opposing will be revealed to those who join....!!!!!!!! they are a powerful guild but this guild will become just as strong and the battles will commence....................

They have very strong players but not the strongest..... I believe that we will be victorious and rise to our full potential with the help of those who read here and who join our guild...!!!!!!!!

please feel free to read the background story at the guild webpage guild:819284

Join our guild the battle is coming

smiley smiley smiley

Jokers need players lvl 15 + who are funny and play offten !!!



The recruiting period is over.

Only accepting from lvl 15 for another couple of days & then were re-raising the lvl to 20 & concentrating on our rankings!!!!!

tuesday 12/01/2010

We've got 18 members and are getting more so join

Failed close please

Mods u can close this

monday 11/01/2010

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smiley yo sup
hope you choose a guild that right for you

sunday 10/01/2010

This is a brilliant guild, I joined a couple of weeks ago and havent looked back since.smiley

The missing link is guild:814622

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