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sunday 10/01/2010

Try us out for a few days.we only formed last night.
see what you think

Close please

Thread author don't have a guild yet.



Good luck. smiley

saturday 09/01/2010

Join Vendeta! awesome founder and admins...GO MATTYOPRO! We are also very friendly not to mention the AWESOME giveaways...Check us out! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=728349

Prizes will include Cr characters!

I heart blackout

Lookin for active fun loven new players that would like a little bit of help gettin there U.R.
life kicked off.
I'm a Proud member of Organized Konfusion Academy where in time you will become a great player
and if you so choose move on to our mother guild Organized Konfusion
we are a LV 20 or Below guild and thats the only reqirement
So come have a thrill in finding out what real Konfusion issmiley

friday 08/01/2010

We're not a guild from the USA, but most of our members are british or american.
Take a look and apply if you're interested.

The Cunning Gambit

thursday 07/01/2010

Add me plz


Hey guys, I am a new player, been playing about 3 or 4 days now. I am looking for a guild who trades strategies, has fun, runs events, and borrows cards from a card pool. I am new but I think I have a lot of potential. I consistently place very well in DT and I am only runninhttp://www.urban-rivals.com/player/?id_player=6994980g my starter deck with a couple of decent cards I bought from the market. I am an active player and will always be up to date with guild discussion. I have very slim amounts of cards, but am completely willing to let my guildies borrow them while I'm not playing with them.
I am simply an active, interested, and new player looking for a home with an interesting community. Feel free to reply here or message me (messaging preferred). Thanks all.
Good luck and have fun

wednesday 06/01/2010

Russian players accept? smiley could help with the ideas for Victorine guildsmiley If even russian players not hire, it wanted you good luck in the prosperitysmiley

I'm a nice person who is looking for a guild of people who are nice and are actively involved with their fellow members, prefferable an aussie guild so that the time differences are less than other places

tuesday 05/01/2010

Welcome to the game! smiley

(Flash back to the monastery in kinjos room)
"In the outer section you will encounter foes with levels beyond the normal limit, your skills will be tested to the max, kuei, Lin Xia is in that region at the moment after kerozinn because our infomation got leaked to her, so you may encounter her, let me tell you, she is a monsterous foe, not to be taken lightly" Said kinjo in a un confident voice.
Kuei looked as he coudnt care any less, his fist clentched so hard that blood drew from his hand, He raised his arm to the sky and growled "I understand kinjo, i swear by the cobra way of life, if we encounter, i will anhialate her!"
windy mor grinned, he has never seen kuei so eagre to get in a scruff.
Kinjo turned his head and glared at windy mor "windy.. there is something you must know.. the shadow.. that will most likely be lurking around in that area.. i hope you understand this windy.. after five long years of searching ... we have still not found out who it is.." kinjo still glared and windy mor, Windy mor started to tremble after hearing that.

Kuei and windy mor have just left the infamous Clint City!!

monday 04/01/2010

We're a new social guild. Focused mainly on the Canadian region but if you're English speaking and have a nice personality, you'll be a shoe in.

We're hoping to have a guild which helps eachother while still throwing down challenges at each other!


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