friday 25/12/2009

Join my guild it's new but it will be great in no time

thursday 24/12/2009

Hey everybody join we are a new and well sustained guild, one of the top fifty and we only have about 10 players
impressive right

No problem, im glad we entertained you

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You already have a recruitment post, please use that one smiley

wednesday 23/12/2009

'cause Love is Noise, love is pain, love is this blues that I'm singing again.

For all over the world people! Multinational guild for everyone who wants to play better. To know people from all around the world e spread you experience with each other.

Lv 20 up, first three will be administrator of the guild with me.

We'll try to organize some internal tournament with some prize.. to have fun and enjoy the guild.

And yes.. you can Spam

Join us!

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What our goal is to do is to help the lower level players and the not so well known people to become better and help them become more known. We are going to be doing events, some of my first, card give aways and such. Everyone in the guild so far is very active and we are looking for active players. You can say and act how you feel in the guild, but you must be respectful and we do ask you put WVP either before or after your name. The guild is for lvl 15 and up players.

Please join you wont regret it and I promise you will have fun.

Hey, im recruiting for my new guild Luck_of_the_Yoshis. If u'd like to check it out use this link:

tuesday 22/12/2009

This guild is great

Join now we host Tournments Often and can win prizes

Also Very Friendlysmiley

We are a guild that's fun and friendly.

monday 21/12/2009

Yes, you are allowed to make a new one. For the last time. Just do it right this time smiley
And remember to ask that this one be locked before you post the new one smiley

sunday 20/12/2009

Tp killer???? You must be very bored, This is more than 3 months old!

We are one VIOLENT Guild.
You have to have some good cards.
I'm for level 10+
We like to chat,practice,and be VIOLENT.

Link to Guild:
What are you waiting for? LETS GET VIOLENT!

friday 18/12/2009

We welcome all who wish to join us and we don't turn anyone down for being a little evil.
If you feel like being a little evil then join our guild.
Our guild address is

Please close.
Thank you.

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