tuesday 28/10/2008

I know it's selfish but if you want to help me out, please reply...

Be a good samartian~smiley

Thanks a lot~

Never mind already got good offers mods pls close

hot 210 messages

I want Slyde for 200smiley

I agree are you crazy or just feeling lucky?smiley

No his price will go down like many new blood cards

Please close

Have bought it. plz close.

monday 27/10/2008

Before you sell chikko for really cheap just want to remind you/let you know that it's becoming a cr.

I want platoona and chikko 1500 clints
pm me please if u r interested smiley

I will pay 700 clints for chikko
pm me if u want to trade smiley

Dude 700 clints for chikko smiley
pm me cuz this is a rather old post
and i dont know if i can find it again smiley

Dude i will pay u 1000 clints for chikko
pm me if u like this trade

Ppl are asking for 3k

it will b just like lamar
ppl get over itsmiley

Close plz i got him smiley very bad community

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