monday 27/10/2008

Ppl are asking for 3k

it will b just like lamar
ppl get over itsmiley

Close plz i got him smiley very bad community

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Close please

Close this smiley apparrently you cant even private sell these cards

Ahhh okay, I don't know.

Got them.
Close it. please

I'll buy one graksmxxt for 7200 clintz and below. Just PM me.

I don't have enough clintz for option 1 anymore. I just bought Dalhia ( thanks megamagition ). But I am still looking for Katan. Same price, 4K. smiley

Shop closed, please lock it. thx smiley

Its a long dead topic... Mods, Can you close this?

He doesn't have them anymore. I'm closing this

You don't have (anymore?) Cassio cr
I'm closing this

Thanks for the info. I just did not understand the huge prices on some cards that could be bought for much cheaper. Thanks again for taking the time to explain.

Close please.

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