saturday 25/10/2008

I have no more other freaks only Splata Cr please can some trade him for Tessa Cr?

AM looking to buy splata Cr now I finally got close enough clintz. I have 73k ill buy the first person that sends it to me on private sale. Thx

I can


I'd like to trade my Splata Cr for a Tessa Cr or a Marlysa Cr smiley

Please send me a PM

Close please

This is 8months cloze plz

Got them, close please

For 5000

Please close

Please close

Im willing to sell a gwen

Sargh is the latest of the newly released nightmare cards.

Starting price: 500 Clintz
Reserve Price: 700 Clinz

End of auction: 27th October 2008

If you buy it for more than 750 clintz you get a Mojo for a discount price of 250 clintz too...


I will buy 1 for 400?

Admin please close

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