friday 12/09/2008

Tanaereva 21000

-close please-

SOLD OUT, folks, I love you and all, but you gotta get the hell outta here!


I need clara, Elliott, Endora, Lihoi Chun 0xp

thursday 11/09/2008

I need just about 7 or 8 cards :

ill take these cards for 50-80 clints
hax you have to pm me if you want to sell me these cards

Its already sold sorry

I might, if I could sell characters, and plus, I would get a better deal anyways selling to Kate.

I already signed up... is this like an online card game as well?

dude dont forget to ps the 2 cards aight... peace

Mods please close this thread. The deal has been done with me. smiley

I can let go of Nanook know what, I'll be nice! 1450 Clintz!

Ok i have one please close

Ummmm this dude said to close this acution

I could give u 5 murray s for 5k, the price is expected to overlap wakais

Sorry, Auction will close in 5 hours... Hurry up!
P.S. I am not willing to sell the card under reserve price... As it is exactly the market price for this time.

I've got Vermyn N, not Saddy however.

Would you like the one?

PM me with an offer.

Rubie for lower than market price, like 2800..smiley please pm me if you are the person who is kind ebough to sell me rubie.

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