saturday 25/10/2008

Sold u can close this

Just bumping this. Didn't have internet access for over a week, and the cards above are still up for trade.


Diyo cr and cassio cr

for 30K

Ill sell to u for 70k

friday 24/10/2008

Buying toro for 3750 clintz

Buying Kolos for 19,200 clintz

Im buying tessa for 50k. smiley

12.5k ambre.. private sell smiley

Oh was sold really fast. Please close

If u wait bout 1 day i can sell tehc adrs wat cards u want

21.7k pm me please cuz this is an old post smiley

It's too expensive, dude. Look at the market price. You should set your price around that. smiley

Please close

I gt her name price shes 0xp

Skrumxxy for 3700 clintz, this sale is on a time limit of 16 hours from now so please be hasty.

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