wednesday 22/10/2008

Close this mods look like nobody intrested smiley

I'll buy it for 1k then

Close please i have her now!!

Do have any leaders to sale

Hey i am trading or selling these cards if anyone is interested, im looking for even sentinel, gheist, or junks

Wat r u trading ALL them cards jas

Im looking for Jim Cr

20 k for my seldnor cr.

Close plz

Please close.... smiley

tuesday 21/10/2008

I buy twenty k or trade smiley PLEASE PM
me this offer is old i dont wana find it again

No market is 77 777

Okay got her for 43k thanks

From 235k-245k
pm me or post offers here

Oh my gosh Kane don't keep bringing up old posts.smiley
"Monday 02/06"

@ Kaneholt - Again, this post is so old and doesn't need to be bumped to the front page.

@Kaneholt - The O.P. submitted this 5 months ago. There is no need to bump up a post this old.

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