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monday 04/01/2010

Welcome to UR man!

JOIN HIPPYWEASEL! There i have officially given my two cents!

ACCEPTING FROM LVL 15 FOR A SHORT TIME ONLLY!!!!!!!!!!! smileysmileysmiley

BE APART OF SOMETHING GREAT GUYS!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

Hello. I'm looking for a mature guild to join-up with. When I say mature, I don't mean boring. I just mean a tolerant, easy-going guild that just plays the game because it's a fun thing to do that doesn't have a ridiculous name like "PsykobloodBLASTERz" or something.


sunday 03/01/2010

Hey, im steel chrom, im level 40, extremly active, Im looking for a guild which is level 40+ and talks alot.

one of my presets: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=467888&list

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Cowboys from hell, if u join us, we'll make u an admin

saturday 02/01/2010

Hey guys, the Cool Kids Klub is looking for new members! Our only requirement is that you're level 9 and an active player.

Things you'll find with us:
-Super cool kids!
-Chillaxin environment!
-Other important stuff you look for in a guild!

So if you're looking for a super awesome guild to join, you should totally join up with us smiley
Send me a message if you have an questions!


Come join we have cookies smileysmiley

Hey, all. My name's KingdomXathers, though normally I go by KingdomHeartsKeeper... but that's for another time =3

Anyways, I started playing yesterday and am already a Level 9 Senior. I'm a young artist who focuses on anime style and furry art (but no y*ff, lol).

I hope to eventually get at least two Jungo Cards, one hopefully being Askai or Greow just 'cause I think they're awesome as hell. =3 But as of now I started off with the Action Deck.

Well, I hope everything go as planned. =3 Nice to meet you all.

friday 01/01/2010

Cmon ppl we are growing
we now have welcomed the mighty GRF-ACE-EVO to our ranks

Don't worry they get better the monkey stops throwin poo after a while

thursday 31/12/2009

Okay so again I am looking for a guild, hopefully one that will fit my requirements. I am on every day, and if I'm not I let people know, and I play ELO and get 1200+ every week, though I jujst discovered a deck that has me at 1365 right now, so any guilds that would consider me post here or pm me.

If you want to be an admin u have to be lvl 20 or above and you have to be at least experienced enough to make events and tournaments. Plus if you have a good eye at recruiting good players then that would be great.

If you're the kind of player looking for some players you can kick back and have a laugh and some fun with, chances are this is the guild you're looking for. Over here we aim to create an easy going enviroment for players who know how to enjoy themselves. We aren't trying to be the best guild, we aren't trying to produce the best players, we're trying to have some fun.

If you feel like you'd enjoy popping by, by all means, come and have a peek. Whether you want to chat about whatever's on your mind, see if you can do some trading with your guildmates, or discuss where the game's been aand where it might go, you're free to. There should be a few contests or cometitions running soon too.

We're open to all players, all skill levels, all everything really, but in particular we want to make it somewhere where newer, eager to learn players can come and find someone to pick up some tricks from, and less active players can settle down and build up their collections.


Come and take a look, you might like it =)

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