friday 19/09/2008

Mods please close i have a deal

Leviatonn? PM me.. smiley

He doesn't look for a single of each.... but for a lot of each smiley good luck child smiley

All I need is Kirk smiley

I buy sentinels , junks , uluwalus market page 2 cards ...

plese sell cheap .. msg me

I buy (maxed or 0 exp same price)

hawk = 4200
lehane = 1700
rubie = 2800
zatman = 7k
skiner = 1.2k
coby = 2.7k

need more

put on private sale i will buy in 24 hrs of private sale

thursday 18/09/2008

I decided just to sell them in the market, but whoever opens this please sell Jackie for 1,500 clintz. Thanks. I want this close now.

Nvm, close


Do u have Azel or Kenny?

Hi All,

Looking for the following cards for a reasonable price smiley

Copper, Dalhia, Hawkins, Dayton, Coby, Havok, John, Luis, and Rick.

Any offers are much appreciated.

I'm buying Bangers. I have 14 All Stars cards, all useful and fully leveled, and I have 8.75k. PM me or respond here please. Name your own prices, we work from there in haggling and bartering and whatnot.

Lol, there is no collector worth less than 1 Lennox, now if you had 15 Lennoxes, then maybe.

Close please

Noone will sell for less than 70k

Sent u 5 cards why did u only get 1?

How much for feelyn and wanda?? below market price please.

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