tuesday 16/09/2008

I'm buying Kolos for 15,000 Clints. I'll also buy other nightmare cards.

Thank you.

He's buying not selling

Speciffically, I need Lelena and Dieter for the lowest price anyone will offer me.

Im buying him for 6500... nid it asap

Plus I doubt one of his 8 cards is Kolos. I wonder why so many players who can't sell cards or don't even have them post offers.

You can buy a kerozinn cr for a start..

How are you going so far

Im buying shakra ratanah zatman jackie rubie

post here or just pm me your prefer price..thnx

Come on...buying your trash doubles.....just give me a reasonable price

Pm me if u want to know wat i have and tell me wat u want

They both sold. Close please.

over 12k though

I will trade straight across. I have All-Stars you want and you have the La Junta I want. lets trade.

I have eyla cr

I would like to buy Maciej at any level for 1400

I'll sell Tafa (C) for 200.

Any Body Wanna Sell Me Rhed For 1k.

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