sunday 07/09/2008

Im looking for some Ulu Watu cards so if you have any for sale msg me and let me know with your price(s).

Under market price send me an private sale

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Before this ends up with a big arguement, I am going to close the thread now.

Goodluck finding the cards you need,

Srry sold

Its bought, close this plz

Looking For A Mona Any Body Wanna Help Me Out.

saturday 06/09/2008

I would like to buy boris at a moderatley low prive pm me plz if you will sell

Just as the title says... i'll got for 40k cash or cards in value no less than a total of 38k...please

I know. I am hoping there is someone that is not wooried about making money.

Buying 2 cards, petra and edd but only one at a time pm me with moderatly lower prices

Miss Twice Cr, Taham, Rowdy, and Peeler are left they are all in the market, but if you want it for litterally a few dollars less i'm fine.

350 for Dan Ataoualpet

Guru, 126 characters out of 410.
34% of total collection

if u sold some cards than u could get a cr

Is she 0xp or full?

If you have one of the five cards listed above, send me a private sale for how much you'd like for it. if I like the price, I'll buy it, otherwise, I'll let you know I won't.

2 late

Ya i know im real good at making offers

I would like to get Rhed. how much do you want?

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