saturday 06/09/2008

What are you selling

Close this

Pur sumsam on the market for 99999999999999999999
then u can prove it

Report him if u want up to u

Currently need under market price

B Ball (C)
Graff (R)
Edd (R)
Mona (U)

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I had a couple people PM me about a sale for 2 of these cards (Jackie and Nellie). Please respond to my message and we can work out a deal.

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Thanks to all who helped me purchase these cards.


all level 1 no higher i will not buy if there level 2 but they can have like 240 xp or w/e just be level 1



Can i pay you 514 clintz its all i have.....

Pm me or post here. thanks.

You'll need to go lower than that.

Novice, 1 characters out of 410... I have a feeling he's been banned

PLS close thread, already SOLD.. smiley

I want to buy a fantastic elo deck anyone

Ill buy one name ur price

There to dear for u

Ok i gt shakra so u name ur price

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