tuesday 16/09/2008

Speciffically, I need Lelena and Dieter for the lowest price anyone will offer me.

Im buying him for 6500... nid it asap

Plus I doubt one of his 8 cards is Kolos. I wonder why so many players who can't sell cards or don't even have them post offers.

You can buy a kerozinn cr for a start..

How are you going so far

Im buying shakra ratanah zatman jackie rubie

post here or just pm me your prefer price..thnx

Come on...buying your trash doubles.....just give me a reasonable price

Pm me if u want to know wat i have and tell me wat u want

They both sold. Close please.

over 12k though

I will trade straight across. I have All-Stars you want and you have the La Junta I want. lets trade.

I have eyla cr

I would like to buy Maciej at any level for 1400

I'll sell Tafa (C) for 200.

Any Body Wanna Sell Me Rhed For 1k.

Wolfgang (U) for less than 1k, either that or Akendram (U), but their usefulness is undecided, for me.
Ella (C) for less than 200.
Cyan (C) for less than 150.
Spycee (U) for less than 200.

These are adequate prices, as they HAVE appeared in the Market, just that I was too late to catch it. Priority is from top to bottom. PM ME IF YOU HAVE THESE CARDS AND WHICH TO SELL THEM AT THESE PRICES!!!!!

monday 15/09/2008

Ill buy rhed and kawan

Ill will pay 2k for sting and smokey pm whith offer

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