tuesday 16/09/2008

Adding miss ming to the list

Any bodey who got some uppers for sale Ill buy them for 600

PM me with what is left I will buy all.

Please close all cards are sold or in a private sale

Edd 1500
Enzo 2000

I offer 38000 clintz pm me if u have it and u want to sell it smiley

Looking to buy Splata Cr, under market value. PM me with your offers.

I'm buying Kolos for 15,000 Clints. I'll also buy other nightmare cards.

Thank you.

He's buying not selling

Speciffically, I need Lelena and Dieter for the lowest price anyone will offer me.

Im buying him for 6500... nid it asap

Plus I doubt one of his 8 cards is Kolos. I wonder why so many players who can't sell cards or don't even have them post offers.

You can buy a kerozinn cr for a start..

How are you going so far

Im buying shakra ratanah zatman jackie rubie

post here or just pm me your prefer price..thnx

Come on...buying your trash doubles.....just give me a reasonable price

Pm me if u want to know wat i have and tell me wat u want

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