friday 17/10/2008

Close pls mod.. all gone..

Already sold please close

It was a joke from Hannes10001 ... very funny =)

I bought one on the Market.

Can closed

Morphun was selled close please

I want to buy a swidz cr for 15000 if any would sell to me it would be much appreciated

I am looking for Marlysa any level.
01 x Vholt maxed
01 x Ambrose maxed
01 x Swidz 0xp
02 x Swidz maxed

Pm if interested. Thanks and Good day.

You won't sell it for 4.3k, especially when it's only 3.5k on the market.

I'd buy it for anything in the 2k-3k range, but don't really want to go over 3k, sorry.

K ill take any offers from anybody

Willing to offer 5.5k.

I'm Buying A Rhed For 1400 Or Less
If Possible I Would Like A Response By Tomorrow
If I Don't Get A Response By Tomorrow Then You Can Close This.

......... I MAY WNT THT

Acruz524 im buying one not selling

thursday 16/10/2008

I'm buying Olga for 2000 and Wakai for 900!
Send me a private sale if your interested!

Buying Sheitane for 3000. Post offers or PM me.

Im looking to buy an olga card for 2400 anyone intersested also please message me so we can make a deal.

Close plz

Buying toro 3.5k-4k will buyi the cheapest offer

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