monday 01/09/2008

I got sharon kirk burt

Any kool cards maybe i got wat you need 2

Please close no more responses thanx

1. buy credis, buy packs but not new blood because price will have fallen for all those cards. train them up (you will gain exp and clintz) then sell them on market.

2. Buy cards from new blood packs on market at cheap price, train them up and wait for price to rise again.

3. do lots of fights (tournaments, inbetween tournaments, ELO) you'll get 1 credit per tournament if your usually more than halfway up score at end, ELO you'll get probably at least three credits a week

I will just pm me oksmiley

How wants to cenge my bloodh vs Yayoi!

Please contact me smiley

Hi, was just wondering if you could sell me Nistarok Crd.

HOW MUCH for HAWK well in my clintz i say 3000 THNX

800 for Vladimir

I'm looking for him for 600

Oh you're buying.. ok

I salle 250 cards hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Nanook 900
Hikiyousan 3500
Gaia 4100
Gabrielle 4100
Wee Lee 6500

Hey guys ill giv any1 a dalhia in exchange 4 there hawkins pm me 4 offers

Mod.pls close....all are sold!!!smileythanks

Buying Marina and Lulabee for a price way cheaper than the market,

PM me ur price.

Post ur offers or PM me for faster response

Tatane / Acid DC / Kawan / Amiral Ply / Emeth / Myke / Ricardo / Candy Jack / Corrina / Ingsthra / Lulabee.


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