tuesday 02/09/2008

I'm trying to get him for 700-800 only..smiley

Haha yes that's true just keep playing and earn cintz so you can buy good cards!smiley


Am buying the following Crds:-
Glorg - 2500
Nistarok - 4000
Azel - 1600

Plz PM me fr Sell.

Am Selling Veenyle for 2250 & Kawan for 550 PM me if wanna buy, Thx

Come on does anyone have a solution? How about the mods reviewing this? Hi mods!

Close this post

100 for frankie hi

Have gil x2 for sale
5250 pm me if interested.

Haha good luck with that he cost 6 000 000 and ur offering not even half his price

monday 01/09/2008

I need burt
im willing to buy him for 650
if thats good with ayone just pm me

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Looking for junkz

What level is your dragan ?

I will sell all besides hawkins and dalhila for 20k

I got sharon kirk burt

Any kool cards maybe i got wat you need 2

Please close no more responses thanx

1. buy credis, buy packs but not new blood because price will have fallen for all those cards. train them up (you will gain exp and clintz) then sell them on market.

2. Buy cards from new blood packs on market at cheap price, train them up and wait for price to rise again.

3. do lots of fights (tournaments, inbetween tournaments, ELO) you'll get 1 credit per tournament if your usually more than halfway up score at end, ELO you'll get probably at least three credits a week

I will just pm me oksmiley

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