saturday 13/09/2008

I have some now, but still need Rolph, Bristone (U), Enzo (R), Filomena (U), Oscar (U), Prince Jr (C), and Nistarok.

Please pm with fair offers

Close please

Close this

Buying rosa for 1300 right now but when i get enough ill buy for more seeing as im trying to collect the whole collection and seeing how i dont buy credits its going to take me like forever

Pref. 20.5k

100 clintz

Looking for havok please PM me

friday 12/09/2008

Just buy one there not that much

Ill give you 400 for it lol jk

I will trade you kenny for kolos any takers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Add in a few thousand clintz and you got a deal

1000 for wakai he is that much for market

Well just sell kenny and sell some other cards for 2000 more unless you already have 2000

Sorry all are sold please close this

Sorry,i sold her

Please Message me with offers
or just bang them in my private sales

Anyone willing to sell their ghiest please let me know

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You cant sell her and buy her again cos her level 1 price is much higher loaiamdabest

I'm buying a Kholos for 16000. Private sale me if you're interested.

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